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We have some exciting news! Marketplace New England is going to be going through some exciting changes in 2020.

As many of you know, I have been working on the team to develop a makerspace in Concord. I am excited to tell you that Making Matters has found a home at 88 Village Street in Penacook and will be open to
wards the end of January (fingers crossed). Bringing this non-profit to fruition has been a dream of mine for many years and I am thrilled that the community has pulled together to help the launch.

Making Matters is going to be an amazing space for people who want to create, share and teach or get support to start a small business. Art space, computer lab, 3-d printing, textile work, laser cutter, wood and metal shops are just some of the opportunities that will be available. We have lots of activities and classes for people of all ages and abilities.

These exciting opportunities mean that I will be focusing exclusively on developing Making Matters in 2020. It was always my intent that Marketplace New England would roll up into the makerspace when it was time. Marketplace New England will be focusing on doing the event planning at the makerspace. That means we will have lots of opportunities to bring locally made craft to Concord in 2020.

It also means that we will be closing our retail location at 7 North Main at the end of the calendar year. We are in full gear for holiday shopping with lots of fabulous treasures and lots of great sales! If you are holding on to a gift certificate- It will be valid through 12/28/19.

It has been a great joy to get to know you over the last four years (and many years before that at Imagination Village) and I hope we will continue our relationship in our new venue. I wish that I could have told you all in person but that just wasn’t possible. I look forward to seeing you all during the next few weeks. 2020 will be the start of a new adventure!

Please like Making Matters NH on Facebook and check out the website at www.makingmattersnh.org

Laura Miller

Please reach out with any questions- [email protected]

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