Granite Coasters Set of Four

Set of Four Granite Coasters.

Article number: 2990002
Quantity: 1

Made with Maine Granite - black and white - Freshwater Pearl Granite  Roughly 3 3/4" by 3 3/4". 3/8" thick.

A wool blend black felt is attached to the bottom of each coaster to protect furniture.
Coasters will get natural staining/water marks with use. Just wash the tops of the coasters with hot water and soap and they will look new again! (Do not wet the back/felt)

Made by A & E Stoneworks in Maine.

"Alana Hutchins is the The "A" of A&E Stoneworks! If you asked her when she was little what she wanted to be when she grew up she'd always answer "Artist!" :) She enjoys running, yoga and spending time outdoors in Maine!

Evan Hutchins is the "E" of A&E Stoneworks! Evan has been a stone mason since he was 12 when he started working for his dad. He took over the business in 2009. His love of rocks is what helped start A&E Stoneworks. He enjoys working out and racing triathlons!"


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