Acorn Pendants

These clever acorn pendants aren’t for the squirrels. We left the food for the squirrels but kept the acorn shape. Available in a variety of colors.

Article number: 3860004
Quantity: 1

"Terra Basics is a locally run family farm.  Our farm and its many aspects consists of six family members (and a few others who stay with us from time to time), who are striving to live a simple, sustainable life while promoting the importance of stewardship of Planet and All that are therein.

We create products that, both enrich and educate individuals about choosing products that support a healthy lifestyle and promote environmental sustainability and awareness.

Our founders and supporters are those who believe in reducing carbon-footprints and nurturing our earth, which starts with changing how we affect both. By using local, natural, recycled, up-cycled or recyclable supplies, Terra Basics develops earth-conscious product lines."

Created by Terra Basics in Chichester, New Hampshire. 

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