Porcelain Everyday Bowl

Thrown from smooth white porcelain clay, this bowl was then hand carved and inlaid with colored slips and underglazes and finished with slip trailed details for a raised texture.

Article number: 2650004
Quantity: 2

Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. 

Created in Northampton, MA

"I love making things that people use and love daily. When people tell me my mug is the one they reach for every morning, it makes my heart smile. If something I made with my own hands can become important to someones daily life, I have done my job right. For those people that put my work on a shelf and think it's too fancy or pretty to use...that's okay too. I would rather people use my work but if you deem it important enough to put on a pedestal, well, that's something special too."

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