Wooden Tractor and Wagon

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This wooden tractor with box trailer provides lots of options to carry material around the farm. Both units are built without any screws or nails. All parts are glued together using child safe glue with clamps. These toys are built to last for many years. The poplar wood comes from neighboring town, Chichester, NH. Non-toxic mineral oil is used to finish the units. A damp cloth with soap or fresh coat of mineral oil from your local drug will bring the units looking like new. The dimensions are 14.5"L x 4.5"W x 3.5"W and the weight is 17 oz

Created in Chester, New Hampshire

"I have always enjoyed working with wood. I have remodeled several houses that we have lived in including the construction of a 20' x 30' barn. I started building wooden toys while living in Arizona. I donated them to Phoenix Children's Hospital and Cardon Children's Medical Center in Mesa Arizona. I build approximately 150 toys before returning to New Hampshire.

Once I returned to NH, I setup shop in Chester, NH and donating toys to the Boston Children's Hospital. At the same time I decided to sell them."

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