Olive Gratitude Bracelet

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Awaken and connect to your core-where your gratitude center resides! Wear the olive core bracelet and tap into the power of appreciation. Hand-made with gratitude in the USA, fashioned of genuine olive pits & gemstones....Made to wear everyday so that the core  takes on the qualities of your body oils forming a unique personal patina. 

The Olive Gratitude Bracelet Collection was created because of Beth Gross-Santos’s prior experience picking olives on the Island of Crete during an earlier period of her life. She always traveled with a Swiss Army Knife and saw many olives disintegrating on the ground so she carved away and made the first bracelet over 25 years ago. Life happened, so it took Beth awhile to return to her former endeavor. Now with a more expanded vision based upon her role as a Gratitude Facilitator she invites you to participate in Growing Gratitude in the world by  wearing and sharing these wonderful hand-made bracelets that turn the pits into a symbol of positiveness.

Designs vary, please call the store for information about what is currently available.

Crafted in New Hampshire.

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