Gunther's Goodies - 4 oz

Homemade with four simple ingredients – beer grains, eggs, peanut butter & flour – and baked with a whole lot of love! Made in New Hampshire.

Quantity: 2


4 ounce bag of medium goodies

Ingredients: spent beer grains, peanut butter, flour and pasterized eggs

Treats may vary in color due to the type of spent beer grains processed and used in batter

Created by Gunther's Goodies in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"When beer is made, they steep the grains in hot water which causes the carbohydrates to melt into sugar.  The sugar goes with the now flavored water to ferment into alcohol.  The grains that are left over are left with all the protein and vitamins.  And those are the grains that we use in our goodies!"



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