Hanging Glass Terrarium

This item can sit on your work space with a little succulent to bring you joy at work or liven up your living space by hanging it in front of a window displaying an air plant.

Article number: 2120006
Quantity: 1

Recovered glass pieces are cut by hand into the desired shape, then foiled, fluxed, covered with a thin layer of solder, then joined together with a continuous bead of solder. A petina is then used to react with the solder to give provide the desired finish (black, copper or pewter). Once finished the item is waxed to preserve the finish and then cleaned and polished.

Width - 3.5"
Stands 6" high

Crafted in Manchester, New Hampshire

"We’re a husband and wife duo who have a love for handcrafting. Our inspiration is gained from New England’s natural beauty combined with classical and modern architecture. Born from the natural fit of Alexis’s eye for design and Bryan’s enjoyment of creating, lex + bd Designs offers unique soldered glass work that is a blend of classic methods and new designs that accentuate your living space."

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