Soup Mix - Family Size

Nothing warms the heart and stomach quicker than a delicious hearty soup! We are currently offering an assortment of different soup mixes.

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Each soup mix serves at least 4-6 people depending on one's appetite. Eight soups require water only while the others call for meat (or meat substitute) and/or stewed tomatoes. Which ever soup you choose, you can plan on a generous amount of ingredients and flavor!   As usual, our soups contain no additives or preservatives and are MSG* free!

Beef Barley - If you like barley, you will love Beef Barley Soup. Packed with an abundant amount of barley, lentils and rice, this soup will certainly fill one's appetite! Add stew beef to make complete.

Broccoli Cheddar - A favorite for many, this soup has a generous amount of broccoli and cheddar. Very easy to prepare as you add only water.

Turkey Noodle - What better way to cut down on waste by using your left over turkey to make my Turkey Noodle Soup. A tasty combination of spices along with carrots, celery and egg noodles makes this soup most satisfying!

Friendship - A winning combination of split peas, barley, lentils, pasta and spices creates an incredible amount of flavor when combined with ground beef and tomatoes. This is truly a 'stick to your ribs' soup!

Spicy Lentil - A delicious soup made of lentils and spices that stands on its own in flavor.  Add kielbasa, chicken, ham or beef to create even a more heartier soup!

New England Pea - A generous amount of carrots, potatoes and ham broth makes this soup complete when you add water. You may add ham to the soup if you like but it is not necessary. Enjoy this thick and rich delight!

Pumpkin and Pasta - A great soup for one who loves pumpkin! Thick, rich and full of flavor, this soup is a must for the fall and holidays.  This soup is complete - all you add is the water and then whisk it up until it is smooth and hot!

Created by Life's Little Pleasures in Franklin, New Hampshire


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