Reusable Water Balloon Set

Reusable crocheted water balloons!

Article number: 3630023c
Quantity: 8

A super fun activity for kids without the time consuming clean up! All you do is fill a bucket (bucket not included for ease of shipping)  with water and soak the balloons (which absorb water similar to a sponge) and have fun! When it's time to clean up you can use the included mesh bag to wash and dry them. Simple, reusable, easy, and so much fun! Each set comes with five balloons, and a mesh wash bag.

Created by White Mountain Yarnery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"A self-proclaimed yarn addict (ok, full disclosure, my husband agrees!). Seeing ideas, colors, and a lot of hard work turning into something someone loves is so exciting for me!

I began by making lots and lots of homemade gifts for family members. They then suggested I share my love of yarn with others."

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