Seascape Resin with Bud Vase

Resin art features beautiful green hues and blue hues, with sea glass, glass grit, shells, and sand. Set with a bud vase. Hang in a window it picks up the sunlight and is stunning!

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Created by Ocean Current Art in Wilton, New Hampshire and Phippsburg, Maine.

"Tale of a sea glass hoarder:  Thirty four years ago my mom and dad purchased a tiny cottage on the coast of me. It’s my place of relaxation and refreshment. My favorite thing to do is collect sea glass! I live my life by low tide! The problem with this began two years ago, when my eldest of three sons began to tease me about the 34 years of sea glass I had amassed. “Mom, what are you doing with all that glass? You know we will just throw it back in the ocean when you are gone”. Huge smile on his face when I gasped! 

Although he was teasing I thought about what he said. What was I going to do with bins and bins of glass? I have a background in graphic design. So in 2014 ocean current art was born!" 


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