About Us

Marketplace New England, Inc. founded in September, 2015, was born with two goals:  to help emerging artists and craftspeople with a place to share their work and to provide the community a venue to find a wide variety of unique locally crafted gifts in one location, year round.

Our search for artists did not take long as New England is teeming with talent!  Gourmet food makers and photographers, woodworkers and jewelry makers, vintners and chandlers... our craftspeople are as varied as they are creative.

Every day there is something new at the Marketplace and the fun has just begun!  If you are interested in joining our team of artisans please send an email to Laura.


Fair trade for local artists!  What does that mean?

Marketplace New England works directly with artists and craftspeople to help them bring their product to market.  In our shop in Concord, NH and here in our web-store we have one-of-a-kind items and handmade crafts from talented makers who call New England their home.

Over 200 individuals and companies have chosen to be part of the Marketplace.  It is our goal to give you, our customer, a vast selection in one place.  A place where you will find yummy foods, local wine, original jewelry, candles, toys, soaps, fashion accessories, wood, photography, and pottery.

We also offer souvenirs to help you remember the wonderful time you had in New Hampshire.

So - if you are lucky enough to live here - support your local community's small economy,  If not, know that you'll find some really cool item here and maybe some day you will have an opportunity to visit our beautiful home!