Silver Plated Pewter Charm Earrings

Cute little silver-plated 12mm pewter charms hang from copper rings on black hypoallergenic niobium ear wires. The overall effect is subtle and earthy, but not boring or drab. The perfect touch for everyday.

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Created by Apple and Azalea in Webster, New Hampshire.

"I have enjoyed the arts my whole life - always sketching, writing, or making something. But it was 12 years ago, when I made my first rosary bracelet, that things really started to take off. Since then I have expanded into all kinds of jewelry and even further into other crafts.

I live with my husband and six children in a "cozy" old house in the country. Life in rural NH with 6 kids is certainly an adventure! When you are an active, creative family there is never a dull (rarely even a quiet) moment!  Most of my work happens at my "Bead Table" - a small 10' x 6' area where I have set up an L shaped work station from floor to ceiling. It sort of resembles the Weasley's house in Harry Potter because it grew organically, new parts being cobbled on as the need arose or the parts were found. Also, it's usually an unsightly mess because I work mostly by trial and error. I rarely set out with plans or instructions, preferring to put beads together and rearrange the pattern until I am satisfied. At the end of a project I start to put everything back in its place, but usually only get 90% done before I am inspired again and out come the drawers and boxes all over again!"

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