Hello Beautiful Mirror

Copper mirror featuring the affirming words, Hello Beautiful!.

Article number: 1850008
Quantity: 1

Dimensions:  6x11.5

Crafted in Concord, New Hampshire

"My studio is in an 1850's New England farmhouse, full of tools, collections of beautiful stones, silver, cooper and brass. I have a fascination with the fluid nature of metal, the look and feel of different textures, and the wonderful way light plays on crystals unearthed after countless years of growing in the dark.

I spend a lot of time on trails in the beautiful woods and mountains of New Hampshire and elsewhere, always with deep appreciation of the experience. My designs and creations reflect harmony with the natural world -- a connection to the earth and sky, forests, stone and water. Through my design and choice of material, I try to capture the healing and revitalizing energy of nature in objects to wear and live with."

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