Wood Puppy Clock

This adorable desk clock is cut in the silhouette of a sitting puppy awaiting a treat. Made of solid African Mahogany.

Article number: 3200028c
Quantity: 1

The finish consists of multiple coats of hand wiped oil polyurethane. This variety of finish is thinner than traditional poly. This allows for a high level of protection without the plastic feel that results from the thicker variety.

The clock stands roughly 7" tall. The metal insert is roughly 1 3/8" in diameter and features a real glass lens.

Created by Tim Kierstead in Nashua, New Hampshire

"For the majority of my adult life, I've earned my living performing, writing, recording and teaching music. Though my music career served as my primary creative outlet, I've found myself experimenting with numerous other art forms. Working with wood has long been a passion of mine as have painting and drawing. As time progressed, so too did my skill sets. Though my focus was spread over many media and techniques, eventually my ability began to match my enthusiasm providing me with the confidence to build these hobbies into a second career. While music still holds a significant place in my life, I'm drawn, more and more, to my other artistic avenues. The result is a trade in values as what was a second career has taken over as my primary focus."

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